13 Healthy Heart Tips


The biggest threat to our heart health nowadays is our degraded lifestyle. Laziness, junk foods, odd-time meals and a lot many things that we go through in our day-to-day lives are affecting the health of our heart either directly or indirectly.

In context to be heart-healthy, we talked with our expert heart doctor in El Paso. The doctor suggested to us some of the simple and sure-shot tips keep your heart in a perfect fit and fine condition.

Heart Tips

Dive in this blog to know about these tips in detail.

  • Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine for our entire body. Laughing lowers down the stress hormones and increases the levels of high-density lipoprotein in our body which is eventually good for our heart.

  • Stretch

Yoga is one form of exercise that relaxes our body, mind, and soul. Other than this, many yoga drills have the potential to improve heart health.

  • Drink alcohol but not in excess

Moderate consumption of alcohol is considered beneficial for heart health. It raises the levels of HDL and cholesterol in our body.

  • Avoid salt

Regular salt acts as a slow poison to ones that have heart issues. Researches indicate that salt intake should be just a half teaspoon a day.

  • Move

Sitting still or lying for longer durations in the same posture decreases the metabolism of the body and eventually attacks on the health of the heart. One must take breaks to avoid any heart problems.

  • Engage in hobbies

If you’re a lover of dancing, gyming or judo, then go for it! Don’t think twice as it will not be good just for your mind but your heart will also bloom with happiness.

  • Eat fiber

You can keep your heart fit, fine and healthy by including fiber-rich ingredients in your diet. You may include cereals, grains, sprouts, etc.

  • Listen to music

Music is considered the best therapy for body, mind, soul, and heart. Listen to the music frequently as it is not going to any harm to you.

  • Eat fish

Fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids. Try to eat fish at least twice a week to keep your heart fit and fine.

  • Know your blood pressure

Frequently visit a doctor to know your blood pressure, hemoglobin and blood sugar level. Regular eye on these will lead you to be careful about your heart.

  • Have breakfast

Not just for heart, taking breakfast daily can help each of your body parts. You should take a heavy breakfast that consists of all the essential protein, vitamins, and nutrients.

  • Own a pet

Pets keep you engage which gives you less time to think and take stress, which eventually results in good heart health. Other than this, pets keep you physically active.

  • Lift weights

Weight lifting is an exercise that helps in building mass in your muscles. It also helps in maintaining a proper weight and proper fitness level.

These were some of the tips given by our heart doctor in El Paso.

If you’re having any sort of heart disease that requires to be treated then immediately approach our Wellness Center In El Paso “TIMC”. Contact us today to get an appointment.

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