4 Important Considerations Before Painting Fiber-Cement Sidings

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If you have fiber cement sidings in your home and these seem to have faded with time, painting them is always a good alternative.

This would offer them a better lifespan and to your house, a better appearance.

However, painting the fiber-cement sidings is not as easy as carrying a bucket full of paint and splashing it over the siding with a brush. You may need an expert’s assistance for this.

Besides, you need to keep track of some other major considerations while painting the vinyl sidings which are as follows:

Painting Preparation:

If your fiber-cement siding appears laden with dust or dirt etc., do not try to sand or prime its surface. All you need to do is use your water hose to give it a simple wash and that’s it.

Besides, when people get siding installation in Atlanta, they get matching caulking too, which is fitted around the windows, etc.

Though the caulking comes with a good 15-year warranty, you could even get them replaced while painting to save your costs later.

Selecting The Paint:

If you are not sure about what paints to choose from, get the help of an expert siding installation agency or check the instruction documents.

And this is due to the fact that applying unfavorable paints etc. could lead to a breach in the warranty status, provided by the manufacturers or the installation agency.

Ensure to use 100 percent acrylic paint for the exterior uses and resist any kind of oil-based paints and stains etc.

Find Out The Warranty Conditions:

Before you initiate the painting job, it is important to note that repainting the fiber-cement siding may breach the finish warranty.

However, your warranty stands unaffected if you choose paints that satisfy Jamie Hardie’s recommendations. Plus, the painting contractor or the paint manufacturer may even offer you some warranty, which would be a big plus.

Miscellaneous Considerations:

  • The evenness in the application of paint and the thickness of each layer would determine the amount of time it would stay effective. So ensure to spread your paint evenly.
  • Fiber-cement sidings are thermally stable; they do not expand or contract much. Due to this, quality paint used on the surface will stay for a longer period of time. Consider this well before buying your paints.

Besides, if you are not comfortable with doing the job all yourself, you can get the assistance of a good siding contractor and get your fiber-cement siding painted well.

For instance, you can contact ‘Siding Depot’ which is one of the leading agencies for siding installation Roswell GA. Besides installation, it also offers high-quality siding repair, replacement and maintenance services, etc.

So call the experts from ‘Siding Depot’ and get any kind of siding assistance most conveniently and affordably.

Fiber-Cement Sidings

So call the experts from ‘Siding Depot’ and get any kind of siding assistance most conveniently and affordably.



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