5 Tips To Hire The Right Php Developer

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Finding the right IT professional is not challenging yet it requires effort. Especially if you are looking for a professional web developer who excels in PHP. Though there are many PHP training companies in Ahmedabad yet picking the most suitable employee demand attention from the recruiter’s end.

Here we are sharing some tips that would help in finding the right match.

1. Avoid asking clichéd questions:  The hiring procedure is time taking and wasting time in asking clichéd questions like what is PHP or who is the inventor of PHP is just a waste of time for both parties, better make a list of questions that helps in assessing candidates’ technical knowledge and exposure to the platform. Most of the PHP courses in Ahmedabad train candidates for interviews and they are confident enough to face the technical questions.

2. Ask questions related to past projects: Asking questions related to previous projects that they have handled will give you a clear picture of their expertise and knowledge. You can also ask them about case studies or client testimonials to evaluate their experience. If you are hiring a fresher then asking questions about their live training and training project. You can ask what difficulties and challenges they encountered while managing the project, how they can handle issues that might come up in the development cycle.

3. Evaluate learning skills: it is always a good choice to hire an employee who updates their knowledge and skills to remain in the mainstream. Ask them about their views on the latest technology and how they update their skills. How do they find PHP training in Ahmedabad useful for their career and what are their plans?

4. Evaluate communication skills: While hiring a developer the focus is mainly on assessing skills. Though it is not mandatory, yet hiring a coder who is fluent in communication can help in running projects flawlessly and smoothly. A web developer who can explain their concerns clearly and could understand requirements easily can complete the project with fewer errors and changes. It becomes more crucial if you are hiring a PHP developer for an outsourcing agency as most of the projects are outsourced and the developer might have to communicate directly with the project manager to manage the project.

5. Check the attitude: While hiring the PHP developer consider their soft skills as well. Learning technical skills is easier as there are many training centers and courses that are specially designed to improve coding.  If a developer lacks interpersonal skills and communication they might find it hard to fit well in the organization and may find it difficult to deliver their best.

Make your requirements precisely and find a developer who matches your criteria.

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