5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy During Winters


Keeping a dog healthy during the winter season is challenging for the pet owner. Keeping pets warm, clean, and healthy requires effort. Buying a dog sweater or dog bedding and blanket or external support, but to keep the dog warm you have to pay attention to their hygiene and grooming there are professional pet grooming providers in El Paso who can help you in keeping your dog healthy and happy even during rain, snow or winters.

Dog Healthy During Winters

A healthy dog needs proper care and grooming, apart from feeding them and taking them out for a walk you have to take them to them out for dog grooming service in El Paso. Here they will get a hair cut, nail cutting, trimming, teeth, ear cleaning, and more.

Most of the pet owner thinks that long fur is enough to keep the pet warm and protected in winter. But that is not enough. Cleaning and maintenance of the fur also require effort. The long fur easily gets tangled and it’s not just causing bacterial infection but hot spot.  Grooming at a professional service center is not just makes your pet more beautiful, but it also keeps them warm and protected.

Protecting paws in winters

Exposure to snow, water, salt, mud, and gravel can cause a crack, irritation, and infection in paws. Wipe and dry your dog’s paw after every walk or exposure to snow or mud. Mud and snow can easily hide between the paws, clean it carefully to avoid any infection.

How often should you give a bath to your pet: people often question whether they should give a bath to a dog in winters or not as they are sensitive and can easily get cold. One thing that needs to be remembered keeping the fur coat clean and hygienic has always been necessary. If the dog often goes outside in mud and snow, then a regular bath will keep the fur smooth and clean. However, if the pet remains inside, then one can reduce the frequency of the bath. Ensure that their fur is completely dry before stepping out.

Haircut in winter: another concern that pet owners often have, whether they should take their dog to pet grooming in El Paso for a hair cut or not. The dog’s fur keeps their body warm, but if the dog mostly stays indoors and has other ways to keep the body warm, then they are not solely dependant on fur to manage cold. If you can provide a doggie sweater for your pet, then haircut can be considered.

Winters can be hard for pets, especially dogs. So if your pet gets cold despite all your effort, then it is suggested to take them to the El Paso animal hospital for treatment. With proper care and attention, you can keep your pet healthy, happy, and warm.

“Keep your pet warm and healthy in winters. Visit Eastwood Animal Clinic in El Paso for winter care tips, pet grooming services and health related treatment. We provide complete health care services for pets in El Paso area.  ”

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