6 Things That You Ought Not To Do With Your Oven


This is what serves as the starting point of your troubles and you can keep track of these to save your money.

Your oven is a pretty box of joy out of which you obtain lip-smacking delicacies in just a few minutes. However, a majority of homeowners use their ovens in the wrong way and this is enough to devour its life-term.

Here we have brought for you a few important things to make sure your oven performs at its peak without facing any form of troubles:

  • Do Not Self-Clean It Before A Holiday Meal:

oven clean

Your oven possesses a self-clean feature where it uses high temperature (800 to 1000 degrees) to melt the grease and other particles that get deposited with time.

However, at this temperature peak, the oven may also face heating element burns or issues in the electrical system. Therefore, do not think an oven self-clean if you are about to prepare a major meal.

  • Never Use Foil At The Bottom:

It might sound a good idea to line the bottom with some aluminum foil but it actually is not.

Oven Foil

Foil at the bottom would reflect heat and this meddles with the efficacy of the appliance. No doubt, this may necessitate an oven repair and quite a bit of your investment.In place of foil, you can use oven mats but make sure they do not cover the vents.

  • Do Not Cover The Bottom Holes:

The vents in the bottom are present to balance the heat circulation and this is essential to keep the temperature even throughout the cabinet.

Therefore, covering the bottom vent can always degrade your oven.

  • Avoid Spray Cleaners On Control Knobs:

Oven Spray

Cleaning sprays are nasty enough to sneak their way into the electrical components adjoining the knobs. Due to this, it is essential to avoid spray cleaners on control knobs and just wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth.

  • Oven Is Not A Kitchen Warmer:

oven heat


Ovens are neither fitted with any blowers nor do they contain any hefty heating source. They are limited to cooking food in a confined environment and they cannot serve the purpose of warming your kitchen or room.

Never use your oven for any such purpose.

  • Do Not Ignore The Moisture:

Moisture-buildup on the inside surface of your oven door signifies a worn-out door seal. What is imperative here? Well, it’s easy to understand that you need to replace the gasket and this is one of the simplest DIY tasks.

In addition to this, if your oven signals some trouble, do not overlook this. Refer to your user manual or contact a good appliance repair servicemen in your region for the best results.

appliance service

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