Best Limo Car Service Vehicle To Hire For Transportation

Limousines cars encompass peace, luxury, convenience for their passengers. It is regarded as the most relaxing and comforting fleet which is capable of holding numerous passengers.

Limo cars can be big, small or medium and hiring them solely depends upon the purpose.

The Limo Services are spreading all across the world, but because of its tremendous attraction in Chicago, it possesses a greater impact on the residents around. It is worthy to say that Chicago Limo Services makes transportation pleasing.

Here we’ll be discussing some of the Limo Fleets that are useful for various occasions and occurrences.

A) Town Car (For 4 Passengers)

This stunning and luxurious vehicle is multipurpose and may suitably be used for business trips, airport arrivals/departures, or just a simple pick up/drop off at your chosen location. You will be able to enjoy your Chicago limousine experience by sitting comfortably in one of the black car sedans Chicago.

  1. 4 Passengers Accommodation
  2. Cozy Leather Seats
  3. Excessive Luggage Capacity
  4. Tinted Windows

B) SUV (For 6 Passengers)

This luxurious fleet is capable of holding 6 passengers. In case if you are bored and require some graceful entertainment, the vehicle carries a TV on which you may watch a movie or listen to a concert on the way to your destination. This fleet can be used for outings with family or for business trips. You can also employ this luxurious fleet for chilling out with your friends on a night out. You will be able to relax and go out anywhere in style.

  • 6 Passengers Accommodation
  • Cozy Leather Seats
  • Satellite FM Radios
  • Tinted Windows
  • Abundant Luggage Capacity

C) Limousines(For 10 Passengers)

This fleet can carry  8 or 10 passenger limousines, our classic stretch limousines will provide the ultimate Chicago chauffeuring experience. Stretch limousine comes with a long and cozy leather seat, encircling a crystal bar filled with free drinks. This vehicle will take you freely around the Chicago area while you are on your business trip, traveling with your family, or celebrating a special occasion with your friends. Our stretch limousines are glamorous inside out, speaking luxury from every edge.

  • Huge Luggage Capacity
  • Incredible Sound System
  • Fiber Optic Lights
  • 10 Passengers
  • Coloured WindowsCosy Leather Seats

D) SUV Limousines(For 14 Passengers)

These fleets are best suitable for long term journey with friends or families. This classy stretch limousine is perfect for you to relax for a long week driven by the expert chauffeur. If you are in the mood to celebrate and party, you may turn on the TVs, blast the music, change colors in the disco ceiling.

  • Cozy Leather Seats
  • Dual LED Disco
  • 14 Passengers
  • Incredible Sound System
  • Fiber Optic Lights
  • Colored Windows
  • Two TVs

E) Hummer Limo (For 22 Passengers)

These fleets have a tremendous seating capacity which is ideal for transporting guests for weddings. As great as this limousine looks from the outside, it’s even more fantastic on the inside. The interior is designed for you to cherish up and party. The facilities inside the Hummer Limo are enough to make the journey pleasing.

  • 22 Passengers
  • Colored Windows
  • Two TVs
  • Cozy Leather Seats
  • Fiber Optic Lights
  • Incredible Sound System

Thus, these were the best Limo Cars which are good for all purposes. Experience the services of a really eminent Limo Car Service Provider Elite Chicago Limo and grab the chance to travel in the most luxurious and extravagant fleet.