Centralized vs. Decentralized UPS Systems: Which One To Opt For?

UPS power systems

What do you consider when choosing a UPS system for your data centre?

Well, among the vast majority of factors, you also need to decide one between a centralized UPS system and a decentralized UPS system.

UPS power systems

And since both of these have their own distinct advantages according to the data centre design, choosing one among these could be difficult. However, here are some of the important factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the most appropriate one:


When we talk about the costs, the purchase price of a centralized UPS system might appear lower than its counterpart. However, the installation cost of a centralized system is a lot more than the decentralized system.

And why is this so? Well, this is due to the fact that the centralized system needs the rewiring facility which adds to expenses.

Against this, decentralized power supplies are simply plug-and-play systems.

Size of the Facility

Centralized power backup solutions are offered via a single 3-phase UPS system which protects multiple loads at once. The setup is appropriately wired into the electrical panel of the facility and needs its own separate space.

Due to this, centralized UPS systems are highly suitable for large facilities. And with regards to this, decentralized data centres are more effective for the smaller organization facilities.


A centralized setup though needs more installation costs and planning, is extremely easy in terms of its maintenance since all the essential components are situated at the same place.

Against this, though the decentralized UPS power systems are easy to install, they need constant monitoring and servicing of every UPS system.


While opting for one of these, you need to keep in mind that your power requirements tend to increase in the future.

And in a decentralized UPS system, enhancing power backup tends to be easier with the addition of the required number of UPSs. Against this, the centralized setup has all the components confined to a single location and hence achieving scalability is far costlier and difficult.


Centralized setups tend to be more reliable than the decentralized solutions and there are a number of reasons for this.

For instance, centralized systems offer N+1 redundancy and are known for on-line double-conversion workability. However, decentralized solutions feature line-interactive operation which may not be too reliable.

Thus, if you are about to choose a UPS power system for your data centre power management, ensure to get it carefully by considering all the factors above.

And you can always get assistance from the most reputed UPS system experts such as ‘Mercury Power’ in Surrey, which would offer all kinds of infrastructure solutions at very affordable charges.

Consult the experts to choose the best.

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