Does Your Home Siding Contain Asbestos?


Homeowners might have the least of notions to this that they are living dangerously amidst the dangerous asbestos in their house.

Yes, the houses which were built back in the early to mid-20th century,used building materials which contained asbestos and this dangerous material was even present in the sidings used for the houses.

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Forms of Asbestos Used:

Residential and commercial buildings used distinct kinds of asbestos materials. For instance, the sidings formerly used contains medium length asbestos and short length asbestos fibers.

Particularly, the types of fibers used were:

  • Chrysotile asbestos (white asbestos)
  • Crocidolite
  • Amosite (asbestos grunerite)

And besides the sidings, asbestos was also a part of the cement used to build the houses. It was mixed either in the powdered or granular form while constructing the houses.

How To Identify Asbestos In Your Sidings:

Identifying materials which contain and do not contain asbestos could be a tricky call. However, you may deem the sidings to contain asbestos from the following:

  • Installation date or age: Most of the sidings installed before the 1970s may contain asbestos
  • Paint or Finish: Fiber cement sidings usually have a white paint coating on one side
  • Code: One side of the new fiber cement siding will most probably possess a stamped code.

However, nowadays you can get lots of home asbestos testing kits and even get the help of asbestos testing and removal professionals to help yourself stay away from the dangerous material.

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How To Get Rid Of Asbestos Sidings:

You know exactly how dangerous the asbestos can be if it sustains for a long period around you and your house.

And while you detect this in your sidings, you would probably be looking for a solution to it. Most probably, the homeowners look for siding replacement and go for materials which are highly durable.

As per the present trend, fiber cement sidings are highly preferred by the homeowners due to lots of effective features that suit the houses.

For instance, the present fiber cement sidings are devoid of any asbestos and contain features such as:

  • Extremely long life; many of them last as long as 50 years and even more
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions- heat, rain, snow, hail, and windstorms
  • Resistant to insect, mite, and bird-attacks
  • Do not need any significant maintenance
  • Available in lots of varieties and offer a great view to your house
  • Can be installed easily without any great effort
  • Resistant to fire and heat
  • Eco-friendly; made up of sustainable materials

Thus, while you are looking to get your home sidings replaced, getting fiber cement sidings is always a great alternative. Get assistance from a good siding company such as ‘Siding Depot’ in Atlanta to get the support of the most experienced siding contractors.

Get rid of your asbestos sidings and offer your house a great view in minimal efforts with new and improved fiber cement sidings.

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