Few Essential Service Areas Of El Paso Immigration Attorneys!

Immigration Attorneys

Naturalization and Citizenship Immigration SERVICES: — Naturalization is a process when a person is not a U.S. citizen but can acquire naturalization and become a U.S. citizen after having permanent resident status of at least 5 years, exhibiting good moral character, and continuous residence in the U.S. Under few circumstances, residency requirements may be shorter and thus it becomes necessary to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable Immigration lawyer in El Paso to ensure that citizenship acquiring process runs smoothly.

These professional lawyers help applicants in passing two tests- civic test (regarding the history of U.S. and government) and English test (reading sentence, writing sentences, and responding to questions in English) to acquire naturalization during an interview with an officer from the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). If you fail in these tests, you can retake tests between 60–90 days of your initial interview.

Visas and Green CARDS:- Visa travel document gives permission to a person to enter any foreign country for a particular purpose. In U.S. Visas are of two types-Immigrant and Non-immigrant. A non-immigrant visa is for those who want to visit U.S. for study or work on a temporary basis while immigrant visa required by those who are shifting to U.S. for permanently and requires sponsorship from U.S. permanent resident or citizen. A team of El Paso Immigration Attorneys of Jamie Alvarado &Associates helps you out in getting your visa and their visa services include visas for children, parents, spouses, brother, and sisters etc.

A green card holder enjoys a status of permanent U.S. resident and can freely leave and re-enter U.S. and can apply for government aid for education, work, and can sponsor relatives who wish to visit or shift to U.S. The immigration lawyer of El Paso assists you in filing the application process for a green card.

Deportation Proceedings:- For violating U.S. immigration laws a non citizen is removed from the United States under Deportation laws. This Removal or Deportation happens when a person is in the U.S. illegally or if he has committed any crime. Removal can have serious and long-term consequences and thus consultation with a proficient Immigration lawyer in El Paso becomes mandatory.

Employment Visas: — The immigration attorney’s handles both types of employment immigration: visas for legal residency, and non immigrant visas and they also take care of labor certification which is to be filed with the Department of Labor. Some of the common categories of these visas are H-1B- visas for professional workers, L-1 — visas for international business executives or intra-company transfers, E2 — Treaty Investors, and TN- visas for NAFTA professionals.

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