Fiber-Cement Siding Myths That You Believed To Be True

fiber cement siding myths

Picking up a siding for your home may seem to be an easy task. You have a wide variety of choices in terms of materials, colors, and designs, etc. Checkout this post and know fiber cement siding myths in detail.

Among these, fiber-cement sidings are the ones that have recently emerged as favorites of the people. These are highly sturdy and come with several advantages too. However, many people resist the installation of fiber-cement siding and this is due to some misconceptions which are as follows:

Myth 1: Fiber-Cement Sidings Are Made Of Asbestos

This is one of the most prevalent misconceptions that affect many. Though the fiber-cement sidings in their early days consisted of asbestos, this material has now been permanently replaced by eco-friendlier products.

Thus, vinyl sidings you obtain are much safer and environment-friendly in nature.

Myth 2: It Is Extremely Expensive To Install

If you compare it with vinyl, yes, fiber-cement sidings could be a bit expensive. Most of the people get vinyl sidings in Atlanta only due to the cost factor involved.

However, they have two good advantages over vinyl:

  • They are more durable, heat-resistant and stronger
  • They offer you a classic, wooden appearance which is never obtained with vinyl sidings

Thus, a bit of extra cost of fiber-cement sidings is always worth the investment.

Myth 3: It Needs High Maintenance

Fiber-cement sidings are one of the sidings that last for a very long time and need the least of maintenance unlike wooden sidings etc.

So if you are told that the fiber-cement sidings need good and regular maintenance, you never need to believe such claims.

Myth 4: It Will Last Forever

Again, the manufacturers and the siding contractors may offer you a warranty of as much as 50 years, but this certainly not means that you would never need to replace the sidings.

Though they can go for long and resist weather attacks, insect attacks, and other reckless conditions, they are not meant to serve your house forever.

Myth 5: Vinyl Sidings Are Better Than Fiber-Cement

Again, a very popular assertion and a total misconception.

Though vinyl sidings are a bit less in cost and available in more number of colors, they can never match the durability, classic appearance and the life-term of the fiber-cement sidings.

Thus, fiber-cement sidings do always have an edge over vinyl sidings.

Myth 6: It is Good Only For The New Homes

Fiber-cement sidings are highly popular with the new house constructions. So much, that people have now stereotyped them to be applicable for such purposes only.

But against this, fiber-cement sidings are an exceptional option for the old homes and could foster their appearance to another level.

So before you believe any such misconception about fiber cement siding, better get help from a good siding installation contractor. This would help you know the real truth and get products that truly serve your needs.


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