Get To Know Different Types Pizza

Different Types Pizza

Can you remember when the last time you ordered pizza in El Paso TX? Most of you would say that it is not too long. The reason is the rising popularity of pizza in every corner of the world. Originated in Italy, pizza has come a long way since then. But do you how many types of pizza are there? Though there is no definite answer, here we are presenting the most popular ones. So, let’s start.

  1. Neapolitan Pizza

It is known to be an original pizza. This delightful pie dates all the way back to the 18th century in Naples, Italy. In that time period, the shoddier citizens of this seaside city commonly bought food that was cheap and could be eaten rapidly. Fortunately for them, Neapolitan pizza was reasonable and eagerly available through various street vendors.

  1. Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza, also generally regarded as deep-dish pizza, earns its name from the city it was discovered in. During the early 1900s, Italian settlers in the windy city were looking for something similar to the Neapolitan pizza that they were aware of and loved. Rather than just copying the disreputably thin pie, Ike Sewell had something else in mind. He developed a pizza with a thick crust that featured elevated edges, like to a pie, and ingredients in reverse, with slices of mozzarella coating the dough followed by meat, vegetables, and then outdid with a can of crumpled tomatoes. This unique creation resulted in Sewell to create the now well-known chain restaurant, Pizzeria Uno.

  1. New York-Style Pizza

With its typical large, retractable slices and crispy outer crust, New York-style pizza is one of the country’s most popular local pizza types. Naturally, a difference of Neapolitan-style pizza, the New York slice has earned a lot of fame all its own, with some stating its unique flavor has to do with the minerals existing in New York’s tap water supply.

  1. Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian pizza also called “sfincione” features a thick portion of pizza with pillowy dough, a crispy crust, and healthy tomato sauce. This square-cut pizza is served with or without cheese, and sometimes with the cheese beneath the sauce to avert the pie from turning damp. Sicilian pizza was introduced to America in the 19th century by Sicilian migrants and became prevalent in the United States post the Second World War.

Isn’t this an interesting story about different types of pizza? Before you order your next El Paso pizza, do remember this article.


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