How can smoke contamination affect your home?


Fire can cause irresistible damage to your property and the flames burn everything to crisp and char. After clearing the smoke, you can leave with the smoke damage and it can devastate your home like anything. Even a small fire can damage all your belongings. It can leave your home looking so bad and disorganized. This is the reason that fire restoration companies come quickly for removing the smoke damage. Smoke is like acid it can damage everything very fast. A professional can measure the damage and create a custom mitigation for ensuring that your home is completely free from fire. 

How smoke affects your home?

One of the worst things that smoke damage does is seeping into the cracks and creaks and making them even deeper. These can last for long months and a lingering smell of smoke can last for months. The only way of removing it by wiping and cleaning all items in the house with agents. 

  1. Bedding

Clothing and bedding also come in contact with smoke even when they are kept inside the drawers. Washing them simply is not going to affect it at a cost but commercial cleaning detergents can do the work. 

  • Curtains and upholstery

There are various tools for removing the smoke particles from the curtains and all other furniture materials. Professional like El Paso fire damage restoration sends professionals for deciding the best tools for cleaning the surfaces. Using a regular vacuum cleaner can do more damage by pushing the soot deeper into the material. 

  • The hard floors

The wooden floors are very porous and smoke particles can easily seep through it. It can be sometimes easy to refinish the wood and floor or replace the whole thing. You have to be very careful while handling wooden floors. Mopping and deodorizing can work wonders for you. 

  • Wood furniture

Cleaning wood furniture can be a bit tricky. If you use the wrong professional, it will all lead to staining. Cleaning can also rust the metal frames, so use the right cleaning detergent for it. A professional always has the idea of using the right products. 

Timing is everything when it comes to smoke damage. The more sooner you act, the more you can cause less damage to your homes. The painting and flooring of the house need to be rectified within a day or two and choose the best professionals for the work. 

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