How Often Should Your Pet See a Veterinarian?


If you’ve got a furry friend at home, then you would be knowing the importance of taking your pet to the vet. However, you might not know how often your pet should see a veterinarian.

Come, Let’s Know !!!

Well, it depends upon the life stage of your pet, say the expert doctors at Animal Hospital in El Paso.

Here in this article, we’ll be discussing the number of visits you should propose to a vet on the basis of your pet’s age:-

  • 0 To 1 Year of Age

It is pretty much clear that if your pet is just born then you’ll have to take it for vaccination. It is essential to give puppies vaccines for rabies, distemper-ravo, and other diseases. They may also need vaccines to protect against health despairs such as kennel cough, influenza, and Lyme disease. Thus, in this age group, you must visit the vet’s clinic when the doctor calls you for vaccinations.

  • 1 to 7 Years of Age

This is the age when your pet transforms from puppy to an adult dog. Body growth, improved immunity, development of sexual body parts are some of the physical changes which your pet endures in this stage of life. To ensure the proper growth of the pet, the expert doctors at El Paso vet clinic recommend yearly check-up of the pet.

Moreover, some vaccinations are required at the age of 3 as well. These vaccinations are Distemper-Parvo and Rabies Booster. Your dog may get other shots to avoid diseases like kennel cough, and outdoor cats should get feline leukemia vaccines.

  • 7 to 10 Years Of Age

It is the age group when your furry friend gets older and requires more care, attention and rest. At this age of life, your pet’s body demands frequent vet’s visits due to certain health issues. As suggested by our skilled Veterinarian in El Paso TX, you can avoid the hazard of age on your pet’s body by taking it at least twice to vet. Your dog will acquire vaccinations when needed and will get a complete physical exam, along with tests to follow up on any problems. Blood and urine tests expose your pet’s kidney and liver health, thyroid hormone levels, and more problems in front of the vet.

After reading the above article, you now know the times you should take your pet to see a doctor.

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