How To Check The Quality of Granite Kitchen Worktops

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With large numbers of granite worktops suppliers available all across the world, the use of granite worktops has become much more common. But one big question that comes across people is that – Am I buying the right quality product? Let’s find out the answer below.

The grade of the granite – 

It might appear as a shock, but it is true that there is no defined industry standard for grading granite quality. A majority of granite worktops suppliers have an in-house system used to set varying grades of granite. In general, commercial-grade granite contains different types of soft minerals scattered all over and less color variation in comparison to superior quality cuts of granite.

Mid-grade granite is generally recognizable by its fresh colors and more detailed patterns, but it doesn’t have the same distinctive qualities as high numbers of high-end cuts. The highest quality granite encompasses slabs with one-of-a-kind colors and vivacious patterns that would be difficult if not terrible to find again.

Granite Thickness

Granite is extracted from the Earth in big-size slabs. These huge slabs are transported to manufacturing facilities where they get cut into stripper and more practicable chunks. In a bid to get more counters from a single slab, some manufacturers cut very tinny sections. This brings down toughness, particularly if the slab measures less than one-inch thick.

Granite Kitchen Worktops


Granite Porosity

The porosity of the granite differs because the real character of granite can differ to some degree. Absorbency gets affected if granite diminishes over time or continues its vibrant colors. It is a biggest factor in selecting kitchen worktops in Birmingham.

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Granite’s Visual Character

Take a detailed look at granite to check if you get any rings, dents, scratches or rough surfaces. Even baby cracks can become large cracks with the possibility to break the entire slab in half pre or post installation. Quality granite should be sturdy enough to daunt most dings and scratches, therefore it’s a poor sign if new granite already looks worn out.

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