How US Immigration Law Helped Bring Yoga To America


Not only in the United States, but Yoga has made itself present in various parts of the globe. Originated in the holy lands of India, yoga has become a prevalent health practice nowadays. Undoubted it is largely made popular by celebrities who embraced it open-heartedly, yoga has become extremely prevalent in the American region, particularly among specific subcultures, such as the hippies. This trend also accords with the evolution of this country’s immigration laws, making the U.S. more reachable to people emanating from the farthest regions of the globe.

However, not so known to many, yoga’s distinction in the U.S. really far predates the evolution of psychedelic music and flower dominance – and was spread, partially, by U.S. immigration policy. In 1923, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that Indians were black, and thus not permitted to become accepted U.S. citizens. This also deprived Indians of their right to buy property, in majority of cases, and primarily restricted their power to get lucrative employment. Due to this, a large number of people came back to India, but a major number of those who left back switched to teaching yoga and eastern philosophy as a way of deprived living.

Long before this notorious court litigation, majority of Americans were quite acquainted to yoga – or, a minimum, familiar with a tilted version of the health practice. Various short films displays “yoga” conspicuously, exhibiting it as an almost-magical practice. Thomas Edison’s 1902 film, Hindoo Fakir, shows what leads to the travesty of a yogi doing a stage performance.

It was primarily this spiritual perception of yoga that Indians marketed to audiences and students across the nation. It is hard to ascertain how much of what was exhibited and trained really was associated to traditional yoga teachings. However, American audiences far largely came to understand more about these practices that were earlier unknown to them. Today, just by consulting an El Paso immigration attorney is an easy way to seek immigration to the US.

By the end of 1940s, Americans’ inclination to yoga had decreased. But, when the U.S. started to drop its openly racist immigration laws to augment the cultures enable their melting pot (1965), a more refined gratefulness of yoga came out. Most of the Americans considered yoga only as a way of physical workout, instead of completely embracing its all-inclusive advantage, and, while latest trends such as goat yoga may ultimately fade away, it does seem that some kind of yoga is now there to emerge. Today, yoga is known to make its way in the US despite countering various hurdles earlier.

Nowadays, it has become so easy for people to migrate to US by consulting an El Paso immigration attorney.

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