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BIOS Technologies is an IT company located 4501 West Napoleon Ave Suite 105 Metairie, Louisiana 70001. We pride and dedicate ourselves to serving and helping small businesses in the New Orleans area to be able to maximize their outcomes with the use of top-notch IT services. Our services are tailored for small businesses comprising of between 20 to 100 persons. We ensure that they grow and thrive in the harsh business environment by providing them with IT tools that take their businesses to the next level.

We do not take on the traditional approach of solving problems after they already have occurred. Instead, we monitor and provide remote assistance to our clients. By maximizing the use of the latest technologies, we put a deep focus on our clients’ businesses and tailor the available technology to capture their business’ needs.

Taking Advantage of Cloud Computing.

We are one of the best cloud computing companies in the region. Cloud computing is one of the latest development in the IT sector that helps businesses ensure that the productivity of their workers is maximized. Saving files in cloud servers, as opposed to ground servers, is one of the safest means of storage since the data is always backed up and cannot get lost even when the worst-case scenario of a disaster happens. The files can be recovered and retrieved easily. This safety assurance has resulted in many companies incorporating cloud services and integrating the technology into their system. This technology has, in a great way, assisted small companies gain ground and challenge the large companies. At just a small business price, a start-up company can leverage enterprise-grade solutions that go a long way in promoting efficiency in its business operations.

We at BIOS Technologies offer a number of services that ensure you enjoy the full benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud Consulting.

Cloud Computing is one of the latest technologies in the market. It is not widely spread, and not all companies have employed and integrated this technology into their system. It, therefore, can prove to be quite difficult for a small business to identify the suitable and most effective cloud application that the business needs. We at BIOS Technologies are dedicated to ensuring that our clients understand the whole aspect of cloud computing and help them identify the right applications for their specific business environments.

Cloud Desktops.

Cloud desktops service is in the package of what we offer. Cloud desktops speak volumes on the aspect of convenience since it brings together all capabilities to just one dashboard. Our desktops are equipped with features such as backup capabilities and active monitoring. They can be accessed using a mobile device. It is, also, possible to customize and configure the cloud desktops to suit and conform to the changes that occur in your specific business.

Office 365.

Offices use the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook as their basic applications. The tools that these applications have been equipped with are very helpful in a business environment since they provide an effective way for proper communications and help in completing tasks easily. Integrating the cloud technology into the Microsoft Office 365 optimizes the benefits that come with these office applications. BIOS Technologies helps small businesses to integrate cloud services into their businesses to guarantee 99.9% up time, scalable services, improved collaboration among workers, and, also, pave the way for remote working.

We at BIOS Technologies are at the forefront among cloud computing companies. With our cloud services, you can be sure to get very effective results in the shortest time possible.

Other services we offer to our clients include managed services, security, and expert strategic advisory. You can always count in BIOS Technologies as your trusted company to provide you with the most effective IT solutions to take your business to the next level.

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