Party Bus Rentals: Common FAQs With Their Answers

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If you haven’t booked a party bus till now but are looking to do so in the near future, you must be having a number of questions in mind.

And if you wish to resolve all these queries even before you consult a party bus service provider, here we have brought for you a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions which people generally have before they book a party bus:

  1. Who Will Drive The Party Bus? Do I Need to Drive The Party Bus On My Own?This is probably the first question from the first-time party bus hires. Most of them are of the notion that they need to bear the additional expenses when they need to hire a separate driver.However, neither you need to hire a separate driver, nor need to drive the vehicle yourself.The party bus service providers provide the best and the most experienced drivers with a valid license to drive your vehicle.

    2. Do You Include The Driver’s Tip in The Charges?                                          Most of the party bus providers offer a written contract which mentions about all the charges, including the taxes that they incur.In this, they may or may not include the driver’s tip. For your convenience, you can ask this from the party bus service provider that you hire. In case they do not take the driver’s tip, you need to offer this all yourself after the trip gets ended.

    3. How Many People Would Fit In A Single Bus?Party buses normally occur in two varieties:

    • Regular Party Bus: These vehicles can accommodate as many as 30 passengers at a time.
    • Mini Party Bus: The vehicles can accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers at a time

    However, if you ask those who have already traveled, they would suggest you to follow the +3 rule. This means, you need to have at least 3 seats extra than the number of travelers, which could be used for various purposes.

    4. Am I Allowed To Take The Party Bus After Midnight?Party buses are available to be taken according to the travelers’ demands.

    And the fact that most of the parties begin around midnight, party bus service providers have absolutely no issues if it’s midnight when you board the vehicle or 2 AM.      5. Will The Party Bus Provide Drinks To The Guests? Can I Bring My Own Drinks?Most of the party buses contain illuminated bars and coolers with your favorite drinks according to the number of guests. However, this is not at all a compulsion. Especially, if the group contains minors.

    And you are allowed to bring hard drinks for your group on your own if your group does not contain people below 21.

    6. What’s The Minimum Time For Which I Need To Book The Party Bus? Since most of those who hire the party buses do it for around six to eight hours, this is what you can consider as the minimum period of hire and the charges are based on this.

    7. What If I Be Late In Leaving The Party Bus? What If I Wish To Keep It Longer?Party buses do always have such a great environment that people are tempted to stay long enough.

    If you booked the party bus for a certain amount of time and go late in evacuating it, this may cost you something additional according to the rules of the party bus provider.

    Most of them would charge for the extra time on a per-hour basis and in strict case, the service provider may charge for an entire term similar to your initial booking.

    To stay away from troubles, you need to ask this in advance from your party bus provider.

    And it’s very possible that you may not get an extra term if it has already been booked by some other customer.

    8. Is There Any Hidden Fee In The Charges? 

    Hidden fees tend to startle the passengers only after they have traveled and this could be an extra bit of burden on them.

    Thus, if you do not wish to get surprised on seeing the final bill, you need to ask all about any hidden charges that they incur.

    Most of the times, there is no such strict rule for the procedure and if possible, you can book the party bus about 6 months in advance.

    The earlier you book the bus, the cheaper the deals you are likely to grab. Last-minute deals would always cost you much more than normal.

    9. How Much In Advance Do I Need To Book The Bus?Most of the times, there is no such strict rule for the procedure and if possible, you can book the party bus about 6 months in advance.

    The earlier you book the bus, the cheaper the deals you are likely to grab. Last-minute deals would always cost you much more than normal.

    10.Can I Have A Look At The Party Bus In Which We Are About To Travel?Certainly. Limo and party bus service providers ought to show you the vehicle which you are about to obtain and you can even choose one from their fleet.

    If they abstain you from having an initial view of the vehicle, you can look for other options for your travels.

    Party buses tend to be great fun and full of entertainment. However, if you possess any kind of doubts before booking them, you need to get them resolved by your party bus service provider.

    And ensure to get the services of a reputed service only, such as ‘Elite Party Bus’ in Chicago, which provides excellent travel vehicles in a number of brands.

    Book a comfortable party bus transportation service and experience the real zeal of parties while on a move. 


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