Some facts you need to know about man made diamonds

mam made diamonds

Diamonds are known to entice humans since very long. From being used in crowns to rings, nose pins, necklace and other jeweler items, diamonds have become an integral part of ornamental jewelry these days. Over the years, diamonds have evolved dynamically from its composition to patterns and appearance. The latest in the list is man made diamonds. Let’s get to know some amazing facts about these synthetic diamonds.


  1. Lab-created diamonds are also called lab-grown diamonds, man-made diamonds, refined diamonds and synthetic diamonds.
  2. Lab-created diamonds are classified in the same world-famous labs that certify natural diamonds and all lab-created diamond certificates will clearly state that the diamond is a ‘Laboratory Grown Diamond’.
  3. Lab-created diamonds are now available up to IF (inside perfect) in terms of clarity, D in color, Excellent in cut, and a great 10ct in size!
  4. Lab-grown diamonds are not synthetic! Synthetic is referred as a material or chemical developed to copy a natural product. Instances of synthetic diamonds include moissanite or cubic zirconium (CZ) – these products are made to imitate the prettiness of diamonds; however, they feature no carbon properties. Lab-created diamonds are purely crystallized carbon, they are real diamonds not the synthetic ones.
  5. Lab-created diamonds are up to 40% less than their natural diamond equivalents.
  6. There is no big difference between an earth-mined or a lab-created diamond: Both are made of carbon.
  7. Lab-created diamonds perform very well! Big diamond companies have preferred to give back by donating proceeds from every sale to their respective foundation.
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