Steps to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen in the United States

Naturalized Citizen

Thousands of immigrants are coming every year to the United States with hope and excitement, ready for starting their lives as the productive members of the society in the home of brave and the land of free. This also means that they all want to become the citizens of the country as soon as possible.

The fact is that the path to get citizenship in the United States can be quite different for any two people. So to know about the exact issues that you will face to get the citizenship and to make the process easier for you, you should contact an El Paso Immigration Attorney. He will let you know about the best-suited option according to your situation.

United States

Let us first understand the process of naturalization and how you fit into it:

General steps to get naturalization:

  • If you want to be qualified for a US citizenship then you must meet few criteria:
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age or adopted by a US citizen if age is less.
  • One can claim to be a US resident lawfully for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Can show a deep understanding of the government and history of the United States.
  • Should be able to read, speak, and write English.
  • Have a decent moral character and the disposition towards the US should be favorable.

If you meet these conditions, an immigration lawyer in El Paso will help you out with naturalization.

Steps for the process are:

  • Prepare the N-400 form for naturalization and add relevant documents for eligibility.
  • Submit the form with the application and fees. Once submitted you will get a receipt from the USCIS i.e. US citizenship and immigration services and you can track your status online henceforth.
  • Attend the biometrics appointment as per the schedule of USCIS.
  • Finish the interview on the scheduled timing of USCIS after the preliminary process is done.
  • After the interview, you will get a decision about your Form N-400 application from USCIS. The decision will be sent in the form of a written notice and it can be either continued, denied, or granted.
  • If you are granted the citizenship then you will get a notice to take the Allegiance Oath. You will be notified about time, date, and place for participation in the ceremony of naturalization.
  • After the oath, you will get all the responsibilities and rights as an American citizen.
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