The Best Way to Reheat a Slice of Pizza

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Whose heart doesn’t get filled with bliss on finding a box of pizza in the refrigerator?

Well, it’s almost everyone!!!

A couple of pizza slices with a glass of cold drink is enough to turn a bad day into the amazing one. Moreover, if the pizza slices are hot is similar to adding a cherry on the cake.

As, many of you still believe in a “tell-tale” that the pizza can only be reheated in an oven by the experts.Therefore, you may be a bit stumped to think about reheating the pizza on your own at home.

PizzaBut in contrast, there are some other easy ways of reheating pizza as well.  One of the expert makers of Pizza in El Paso has brought for you a solution to reheat the Pizza in the best possible way.

Read the section below to know the simplest way of heating up pizza:-

It would be a bit shocking for you to know that the maker of the best pizza in El Paso suggests using a skillet on the stovetop for reheating the pizza slice. Given are the steps to get your pizza slices hot and crispy again:-


  • Get a non-stick pan large enough to sit a pizza slice. In case you don’t have a non-stick pan, then make use of a normal cast iron one.
  • Keep the pizza slice in the pan.
  • Keep up the lid or foil to cover the pan.
  • Now turn the stove on to the medium heat. (There’s no requirement of pre-heating the pan.)
  • Now, wait for approximately 6 minutes.
  • Now check the bottom of the pizza. If the bottom is crispy and cheese has melted, then the pizza is ready.
  • If the bottom is still laxly and soft then continue heating for a few more minutes.

Thus, this is the step by step procedure to have the tasty and crispy pizza again.

If you are a local of El Paso and a pizza lover then there’s good news for you.  You can complete your urge for this mouth-watering dish by dialling the number of Speedy’s Pizza in El Paso.

The craze of pizza among people is not hidden; exclusively the people of El Paso are big fans of this delicious cuisine. It is broadly observed that pizza lovers not only love to eat pizza but also love to discover the taste of different toppings. Experience the taste of enormously delicious pizza’s from Speedy’s Pizza in El Paso today.

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