Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures


Cosmetic dentistry involves professional oral care which is primarily focused to provide you improvement in the appearance of your teeth, smile, and mouth. Usually, you can select the procedures of cosmetic dentistry El Paso, and they are not much essential. In some cases of cosmetic dentistry, you can also get restorative benefits.

The benefits and outcomes of these procedures usually depend upon the cosmetic dentist El Paso Tx. Some procedures of cosmetic dentistry are quite simple while there are more complex ones too that would require the consultation of the best dentist in El Paso

Cosmetic Dentistry

Types of procedures of cosmetic dentistry in El Paso dental care:

On lays and inlays:

This is popularly termed as indirect filling manufactured by the dental laboratory. This is used when your tooth has moderate or mild decay or there is not much structure of the tooth to support the filling. If there is no damage to the cusps of your tooth, then inlay will be placed on the surface only. When there is more damage on lay is used. This covers the entire surface of the tooth. These are made using composite resin and attached to the teeth using dental cement that is adhesive. 

Composite bonding: 

This is used to repair damaged, decayed or discolored teeth using a material like a tooth enamel’s color. This composite is applied on the surface of the tooth after drilling the tooth decay and then it is sculpted into the correct shape. Later it is cured using a high-intensity light. It is an expensive and latest procedure for cosmetic dentistry. 

Dental veneers: 

This is made from medical-grade ceramic and resembles the natural teeth. It is used to treat crooked, damaged, or cracked teeth. This veneer is applied using a dental adhesive in front of each tooth. 

Teeth whitening: 

This is a basic procedure that is known as teeth bleaching too. It can clean tartar, plaque, or other debris from the surface of the tooth. It can lighten the shade of the teeth too. 


This procedure is used after tooth loss to replace the teeth. The cosmetic dentist El Paso TX will insert a small screw of titanium in the jaw where the tooth is missing. Then the crown is placed. It is indistinguishable from your natural teeth. When the supporting tissue and bone fuses to the implant it becomes permanent. For this procedure, you will need the help of an expert dentist El Paso Tx. 

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