Porterhouse Steak: What Is A Porterhouse Steak And How to Cook It?

Porterhouse Steak

Beef lovers across the world would know the taste of porterhouse steak and the great thing is that this one steal can weigh as much as 2 pounds and can be a dinner extravaganza.

A lot of people might be new to the term Porterhouse Steaks, let’s find out what porterhouse steak is and how you can consume it and make it tasty.

Porterhouse Steak

What is Porterhouse Steak?

It is the extracted portion of the beef where the top loin and tenderloin meet; essentially, removing the bone and cutting two steals would get you Porterhouse Steaks.

You can serve porterhouse steaks sliced and you can serve it whole but it would depend upon how to want to consume it, for a person who has a fairly good appetite can take this as a good whole meal.

How to cook porterhouse steaks:

You should cook it beautifully but the taste would depend upon the breed of cattle and you should almost always choose Chianina Beef.

The fact is that Chianina beef is the oldest breed generally found in Italy and you should always choose this breed.

  • You should ideally choose grills to cook Chianina beef but if you do not have one, then you should not get worried because you can use hot cast iron skillets in the oven top or broiler
  • You should make sure that you use the light seasoning on the Chianina Beef and you should keep the temperatures level medium which could be around 140 F
  • Make sure that you start it fast and hot, you should give it a good sear and you must cook it until the fat starts to melt and they do the same thing to the other side
  • To make it look and taste like restaurant-style beef, you should put some butter in the middles of it before you pull it out of the grill, this is quite a popular and effective trick to get that flavour
  • ·Make a paste of garlic, salt, chilli powder, chipotle powder, and pepper and rub it all over it and then you have to refrigerate it for a few hours so that the spices get absorbed and then put it in the grill
  • You will get both loin and filet state from this Chianina Steak porterhouse steak.

Buying good porterhouse steaks:

You should almost always look for Chianina Cattle for porterhouse steaks that you can get from the best suppliers of the steaks.

 You will have steak selling issues that have this old classic Chianina Cattle breed.

The fact is that these are Italian breeds but there are beef sellers how to get Italian breeds and breed them in the USA, which means you, will get the authentic meat and beef that you are expecting.

If you are palling to cook porterhouse steaks, then you should first find a place where you can get Chianina Steak.

You can get Chianina breed cattle in the USA and you can also get porterhouse steaks at the same place, you just need to spot such beef seller today.

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