What Makes South African Biltong So Special?

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When it comes to indulging in some of the most tempting snack options, jerky emerges out as one of the most popular items. Not only does jerky carry that million-dollar taste that people crave, but it is also easy on storage and transportation. And there is a slight extension to this delicacy and that is Biltong which is known to be a lot like the Italian charcuteries. In this version, all the meat’s enzymes remain intact, so it would be easy to digest.

Modern jerky is every so often cooked and fastened with sugar and preservatives. It’s found to be stringy and its dry texture stands in distinction to biltong’s tender red center, evocative of medium-rare steak.

Biltong is sometimes brined in vinegar, salted and spiced along with herbs such as coriander, clove and nutmeg. No sugar is added. The meat, generally beef, is hung and dried for 21 days before it is thinly sliced and bundled.

Generally, people prefer snacks due to their easy consumption and their ability to satiate those tiny hunger pangs. But what if the snack you choose to eat carries superlative degree of nutrients. This is where Biltong comes out as a winner. Rich in protein, low in fat, all natural snack that’s msg, gluten and nitrate free. Awesome for Paleo or rising toddlers. Biltong walks a distant path from jerky. It contains no corn syrup or sugars.

The best part of South African Biltong is that it is easy to store for longer periods of time. At a time where there were no refrigerators, people were known to treat meat with salt and vinegar and then hang it up to dry, taking out the moisture. This method was primarily used by Voortrekkers as they moved from the Cape Colony into South Africa during the Great Trek.

In any voyage, big or small, food is something that keeps you going. And it is a good idea to hook on to anything when you have something tasty and healthy. Biltong is known to be rich in protein and high in essential nutrients. It is low in saturated fat, but high in omega-3 fatty acids, which act as a good type of fat.

Today, there are many stores both offline and online that provide high quality Biltong in USA. If you like to savor the mouth-watering delicacies that are also nutrient-rich, Biltong is something you must give a try.

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