Why Fiber Cement Sidings Is The Best For Harsh Weather Conditions


Rough and extreme weather conditions can literally wreak havoc on the architectural structures. And among these, the houses that use exterior sidings are the worst sufferers.

For instance, if you get vinyl sidings for your house, these are not too durable and may face troubles during windstorms and high temperature.

However, with the advent of quality fiber cement sidings, people have seen quite a relief in the extreme weather conditions too.fibre cement siding

Weather-Resistant Features of Fiber-Cement Sidings:

Fiber cement sidings can withstand extremes of weather conditions due to the following features:

  • Tremendous Durability: Original fiber cement sidings are extremely durable and some of them even come with a warranty of about 50 years. They stand resistant to high winds, storms, precipitation, insects, and birds etc. and also do not experience chipping, splitting, or cracking.
  • Fire-Resistance:Fiber-cement sidings, though containing wood fibers, are extremely resistant to high temperature and fire. And due to this feature, the expert siding contractors recommend it for areas that face extremes of temperature.
  • Moisture Resistance: Rain and snow bring in a lot of moisture with them and this may spoil the beauty of ordinary wooden sidings. However, fiber cement sidings are even resistant to water and moisture,and do not allow mold or mildew to grow on it. Thus, these sidings never offer a chance to the allergens to meddle with your health.
  • Energy Efficiency: Though fiber cement sidings are already energy-efficient, you can pair them with weather barriers and wall insulation to enhance their efficiency. This acts as a barrier between the inner and outer temperature and thus helps you save your energy bills.
  • Change-In-Climate Resistance: Fiber cement sidings do not experience expansion or contraction in any form with the fluctuation in weather conditions. They do not crack or break, and resist the weather fluctuations sternly without needing any significant maintenance.Fibre cement siding

Why Fiber Cement Sidings Only?

Though you could get siding installation options more durable than fiber cement sidings, these are still preferred due to the following reasons:

  • Fiber cement sidings cost much less than metals and alloys etc. (if you compare the durability)
  • They need much less maintenance (unlike wooden sidings)
  • They occur in hordes of styles and colors

Thus, fiber cement sidings are extremely efficient to withstand extremes of weather conditions and offer a great aesthetic appeal too.

sidingSo if you reside in a region which is subjected to harsh weather conditions, fiber cement sidings are the best options to preserve the beauty and safety of your house.

Consult a reputed siding contractor such as ‘Siding Depot’ in Atlanta, GA to get the best siding outcomes that last a very long time, even in the harsh conditions.

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