Why Many People Choose To Spay/Neuter Their Pets


Spaying and Neutering is the removal of the animal’s reproductive organs. Amon these both, the former is linked to females and the latter is related to males. In spaying of female dogs, the ovaries and uterus of the pets are removed. Whereas in neutering, testicles of the male pet are removed.

Neuter Their Pets

While clashing opinions on spaying and neutering may exist, there are numerous advantages to getting your pet spayed and neutered for both the proprietor and the pet. In regard to this topic, we talked with the expert vet of Animal Hospital in El Paso.

In our discussion about spay and neuter services with our highly skilled and experienced vet, we got to know its several advantages. Read this article to know about the advantages of spaying and neutering the pets:-

  • Life Of The Pet Increases

Our vet that offers neuter and spay services in El Paso made us aware of the fact that approximately 50%of female dogs and 90% of female cats suffer from uterine infection and breast cancer. Due to these perilous diseases, they die early without completing their life-span. To increase the life span of your female pets, you should take them to spay prior to their first heat.

  • Numerous Health benefits

Apart from preventing your pets from urinating all over your house, neutering also helps to prevent testicular cancer. This is the most common type of disease that gets prevented by neutering.

  • No Heat Cycles

Generally, female dogs get into heat for 5 to 7 days every 3 weeks. In order to attract the male dog, she may yowl all day and night and urinate much more frequently. You can prevent your female dog from doing such unruly behavior by taking it for spaying.

  • Control on Behaviours

As per our expert on spay and neuter services in El Paso, there are certain behavioral habits that pets usually perform. These activities may range from climbing trees to digging under fences. Neutering and Spaying can help you keep your pet from such kind of wrath behaviors.

  • Cost-Effective Means of Treatment

Until your pet is a puppy or a kitten, its easy to take care of it. Once it turns into a well-developed dog or cat you always wary of more kittens and puppies. Spaying and Neutering may help you feel free of this fear. After getting this treatment done to your pet, you neither have to face financial challenges to feed its kittens or pups nor will your home get messy and untidy.

  • Saviour from Euthanization

Every year, due to overpopulation, millions of cats and dogs are euthanized. Getting your pet spayed or neutered can help prevent stray animals from suffering or being euthanized.

These were some of the benefits explained to us by our experts of Spay and Neuter Clinic in El Paso.

Experience the best health care facilities and services in El Paso from the staff of the highly eminent Animal’s Clinic East Wood Animal Clinic. To find out more about spaying and neutering, make an appointment with East Wood Animal Clinic in El Paso Animal Hospital today!

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