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When it’s time to upgrade a network, add in a new hardware or software modification, or even install one altogether, the traditional approach is to hire a network administrator and then say, “Go to it.” However, the chief role of a network administrator is really to maintain the system and keep it running smoothly, not necessarily to be the installer or designer. Because the network administrator is often seen as a catch-all position that serves multiple IT roles, the assumption that the person in that role can do all sorts of IT things often ends up creating costly mistakes. In fact, many smart network administrators are the first to contract out what they don’t know to get the job done timely and right.

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Help is Available with Network Support Ottawa Providers

For Ottawa companies, a good amount of network changes, installation and upgrades can be handled quite easily by IT companies in Ottawa with the specific network support Ottawa experts. These outsource providers maintain staff who stay up-to-date with the latest network tools, improvements, issues and troubleshooting for multiple OS platforms and hardware requirements. A typical network administrator may very well be familiar with these items but they don’t have the time in a regular administrator’s job to stay on the cutting edge. As a result, when faced with installation or big changes, or initiation of a new IT project, many lean to the outside for consulting help and specifically for experts who have invested in being up-to-date with their skills.

Cost Risks With Going Internal

Company managers worried about the operating margin and bottom line know that many times administrative costs equal overhead, an expense line that ends up being a sunk cost, unavoidable and necessary. However, unique IT network projects don’t need to be a big expense that has to be amortized over years to spread the cost over products or services. Instead, using a network support Ottawa installer, the project costs can be far lower as the project is not paying for permanent staffing to complete the matter. The costs generated are specific to the work at hand, and then they are complete. Adding permanent staff often means ongoing overhead expense which in turn increases cost overrun risks for a project. It’s a far better place and budget position to be in with IT support costs tied directly to what is needed at the time and no more.

Heavily Trained and Educated

With many of the IT companies in Ottawa available, there’s no shortage of unique and specific expertise in both the latest software and hardware requirements. Many of these outsource providers hire talent fresh from tech schools and training programs geared with creativity and the latest knowledge. On average, teams built with these experts produce and troubleshoot far better on the latest challenges that in-house staff who are primarily focused on system management and internal support. Rather than going against the proverbial grain, company managers will see far better IT productivity and output in new projects hiring the right experts for the job than forcing their internal staff to work on tasks they normally don’t handle.

There’s no need to throw money away on projects ill-staffed from the start. Hiring outside expertise for special network projects is the right path and has been proven reliable for Ottawa companies time and time again.


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