Why Your Business Need Uber Like App Development Solutions?

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When it comes to the need of hiring a taxi, the first app that comes to anyone’s mind is Uber. Since 2009, Uber has made it easy for people across several countries to get a taxi conveniently. After the advent of Uber, many other companies like Lyft, Ola, etc. provided the service of taxi hire to their customers using the tech platform. Currently, the business of hailing taxis online and through the app has become the most profitable and successful business globally concerning customer base and turnover. 

Uber provides services to customers in 83 countries currently and it has covered approximately 680 cities. The company had a turnover of 0.1 million USD in the year 2013 and until 2017 this figure became 7.5 million USD according to a report. This shows the pace at which this business is growing. 

Because of this tremendous paradigm shift in the last five years, entrepreneurs are now inspired to invest in the business of online taxi booking. If you too want to have a business like Uber you should first provide an app as the company does. For doing this, you will need an exceptionally expert Uber Clone App Developers solution. Here are some of the features that you should consider while choosing your taxi booking app development company :

  1. Alert System For Traffic: The customer as well as the driver would not wish to spend time stuck in a traffic jam. It is a problem and loss for both of them. The app of Uber provides an alert system for traffic jams to solve this issue. Drivers get an alert when there is any kind of road blockage or traffic on their way to the final destination. Drivers get this notification around 2-3 km before the traffic or roadblock so that they can slow down their vehicles or change their paths. 
  1. Find Nearby Petrol Pumps: Gone are the days when taxi drivers had to walk one extra mile while searching for a petrol pump when they run out of fuel. With the taxi Uber clone app, this job can be done for them easily. Drivers can get access to nearby petrol pumps to refill the petrol pump on time. This saves a lot of time and effort from the drivers. 
  1. Get Information About Nearby Mechanics: A vehicle may need repair at any point in time. This becomes a big problem for both customers as well as the driver. What happens if the vehicle stops at a place where there is no help or at night? With the app, the driver gets information about nearby garages and even calls the mechanic for emergency help. Uber app provides an in-app calling feature too by which drivers can call to the mechanic. This helps the drivers to travel without any stress. 
  1. Guarantee Of A Safe Journey: While travelling, customers consider security as the most important feature. The taxi booking app should have these security features embedding in it too. The customer gets complete detail about the driver on their profile and they can submit an emergency complaint to the operator too. Travel and driver details can be shared with relatives and family members too for safety purposes. 
  2. Taxi Booking System That Is Online: There is an issue of customers getting a taxi quite late or not getting a taxi. This app helps to book the cab by the customer nimbly. There is no need to book the cab at the last moment or day. Cabs can be scheduled previously and the operator can allocate a driver according to customer requests. 
  1. Real-Time Tracking Of Taxi: Usually the customers that are travelling to unknown destinations have to ask the drivers about the time it will take to reach. With real-time tracking of the taxi using GPS now customers can know about the time, it will take to reach the destination and track the update while travelling. The time to reach the final destination is updated in case of any obstacle or traffic. 

If you choose any app development company for Uber Clone App Development Services, make sure that they provide these features in the app. Xceptive Solutions could help you in designing a taxi app that could take your business a level above.

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