Can You Drink Coffee After A Teeth-Whitening Service?

Teeth-Whitening Service

It’s almost a fantasy for most of the people to get sparkling white teeth that are free from any kind of stains or blemishes.

However, here’s a truth that you would rather not deny.

As dearly as you wish to whiten your teeth, similar is the case with your morning and evening coffee. You would love to have them both in spite of knowing that both these have a reaction opposite to each other on your teeth.

Needless to mention, coffee can always stain your teeth and act as a foil to the teeth whitening services that you get. And as you might suppose, you may see a return of yellowish teeth which are an utter disgust to your smiles.

So can you keep your teeth white for a long time while you drink your coffees too? Yes, this is absolutely possible.

Here are some of the solutions to this:

  • Using A Straw:

When you use a straw to drink your coffee, the beverage gets the least of teeth access and goes straight inside. In such a case, your white teeth would stay the same for longer.

And if you are unsure about the drink and its contact with your teeth, try iced tea or cold coffee to test the working.

  • Flossing Your Teeth:

If your teeth contain plaque, these are enough to attract stains and most of the plaque occurs at places which are least accessible by your toothbrush.

In such a case, flossing your teeth is very essential to remove the unwanted plaque and prevent any risk of stains.

  • Home-Based Whitening Methods:

After you get the clinical teeth whitening services from the dentists, your cosmetic dentists could even provide you custom whitening trays.

These are the products which would help you sustain the whitening results for a long period, in spite of your eating and drinking your favorite products.

  • Swishing Water:

After a session of coffee, wait for a few minutes and swish water around your teeth to remove the coffee pigments. With this, you can prevent the risk of beverages which get time to damage your teeth.

  • Brushing Your Teeth:

You know this well right? Perhaps, you don’t?

Instead of regular toothpaste, you can use specialized teeth whitening toothpaste to get better outcomes.

And most importantly, while you get teeth whitening or any such cosmetic dentistry solutions, you need to stay in regular touch with your dentist. This would help you get great outcomes which stay for a longer period of time.


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