How To Maintain Silk Pajamas

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Soft, lustrous, and hygienist natural fabric silk pajamas have been the favorite of all ladies. Wearing silk fabric is no lesser than a luxury indulgence. The silk fabric comes with the extraordinary property of a thermo-stat this property keeps you cool in summer while it keeps you warm on those cold winter nights. Your love for silk pajamas can be best justified by taking the best care of silk and maintaining them. What if you accidentally happen to get those pajamas dirty? What all care is to be taken for the silk pajamas? How to maintain silk pajamas? Let’s know about it here.

Silk Pajamas by Slipintosoft

Do Not Use Soap

The soap is not good for your delicate soft silk fabric. Never use soap on a silk fabric to avoid losing its charm. The tap water contains calcium and magnesium rods, and soap forms calcium soap or magnesium soap, causing gray and white spots. These spots are the result of the soaping. Avoid using soap and just rinse with water or just wash with the detergent.


Do Not Rub And Wring It

The silk pajamas or silk nightgowns or shirts and blouses cannot be rubbed hard or brushed at all. These silk fabric strands are soft and smooth and when you rub them off the silk loses the stiffness leaving strands distorted. The life of this silk garment will get shortened by frequent rubbing and wringing. Never wring or squeeze it to dry.

Do Not Soak

Avoid soaking these silk garments in the detergent for a longer period. The sweat can stain the light-coloured silks with yellow spots. These silk garments shall be rinsed after washing immediately to avoid any erosion. Silk has an acidic nature similar to human sweat. Choosing a good detergent for washing the silk is the best way to maintain the silk pajamas.

Quick tip: Use a few drops of acetic acid for soaking the silk clothes after washing them. It can make the color brighter.

Dry Clean Once

Dry cleaning once in a while will keep the silk fabric decontaminated from germs and get it sterilized. The shape of the clothes and the material softness can also be protected this way. It can avoid gray spots, yellow spots, and all kinds of stains caused on the silk fabric due to washing, and soaping.

Keep Them Wrapped Up

The light-colored silks shall be wrapped in a blue-colored paper while the light-colored ones shall be wrapped in dark paper. Store and keep your silks alone or aside on top of your closet or suitcase. This can avoid extrusion, wrinkles, and erosion of your silk garments.

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Maintaining silks can be very easy if you know all the above-mentioned qualities of the silk. Slipintosoft is known for selling the best authentic silk garments. The mulberry silk is to be maintained carefully when you are thinking of making it last longer. The silk essentials, silk pajamas, silk nightgowns, and shirts and blouses all need the similar kind of care to maintain, just follow the guide.  Silk sleepwear is best for getting a good night’s sleep hence preserving them.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about the tips on silk pajamas.



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How To Maintain Silk Pajamas

Soft, lustrous, and hygienist natural fabric silk pajamas have been the favorite of all ladies. Wearing silk fabric is no lesser than a luxury indulgence.

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