Can You Install Vinyl Siding Over Stucco or Wood Siding

Vinyl Siding over Stucco

Before we talk about Vinyl Siding over Stucco, we must know about the various advantages of sidings for our homes. Siding is one of the most significant rudiments of your home’s exterior. It defends your home from damaging weather features such as snow, rain, and strong winds. Given your specific location, the siding could also play a substantial role in sprucing up your home’s overall security.

Siding guards your home as a kind of the waterproof cover. Though the roof, basement, and gutters may serve as the first line of defence against the influx of water, the siding also plays a leading role when it comes to keeping the interior of your home dry and workable. Siding gives a kind of protection to your home from the water and prevents related damage.

Moisture is one of the major perpetrators in the weakening of the interior of your property. It can cause extreme damage to cement and masonry, door, windows, and even the footing. High levels of moisture can also create gravemouldissues in your home.  Siding keeps the moisture out and mackintoshes your home against the related therefore growing the lifespan of your home.

Vinyl Siding over Stucco

Siding provides a usual subject on the exteriors of your home, significantly enhancing your home’s overall charm.

Opting For New Siding Installation Job

If you want to sell your home in near future, new siding installation in Roswell GA will increase the value of your property after years of wear and tear. New siding installation or siding replacement in Woodstock will usually increase your property value and get more buyers. If your home’s exterior appears somewhat unkempt after prolonged periods of snow, harsh winters, giving your siding a refresh can enhance your home’s visual quotient and provide added protection from extreme weather, pests, and make your property more energy-efficient.

Installing Vinyl Siding Over Wood Stucco

Though you can contact a siding contractor in Atlanta, GA, one question that many homeowner ask that whether they can install vinyl siding over Stucco or wood siding. This becomes applicable if you want to replace your old and damaged siding with a new one.

According to one of the leading siding companies in Marietta, this can be done but it rests on a lot of factors like your property’s age, construction type, and the existing state of your siding. This simply means that homeowners can get vinyl siding installed over wood siding or stucco siding.

Cost is the first and foremost reason why homeowners install vinyl over the present siding. Vinyl can be easily installed on top of wood or stucco without the need of the removal of the previous siding. This results in great time and money savings.

This emerges as an option if your existing siding is in good condition and rot-free. This also means that your exterior walls are denser. The project may need to modify or “build-out” window frames and doorways to upkeep weather tautness and the appearance of your home.

Most timber-framed properties do not have effortlessly square exterior walls. New vinyl siding in Acworth over curly walls can result in an unsatisfactory appearance that most owners won’t like to go with. It is necessary to determine how straight your walls are before you move ahead.

The maintenance of same thickness in your exterior walls simply means that existing window and door frames can easily fit, upholding the weather stiffness and the visual quotient of your home.

Final Words

If you want to go with this, make sure you choose a reputed siding contractor in Atlanta GA, Siding Depot who can perform the job in a highly professional and satisfactory manner. There are many siding companies in Marietta that provide a wide range of siding-related services from siding installation to siding replacement and siding repair in Marietta GA. Do a thorough research about them and then make your final decision.

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