How To Protect Your Data

Data Security

Risk of cyber attack is constantly growing and evolving as criminals come up with new ways to hack into systems and access data.

Keeping your data and systems safe should be a critical management consideration and not ignored – no matter what size your business is.


Security is an ongoing process and something you should implement and upgrade every few years. Security systems should be proactively maintained.To not do so is leaving your business open to attack.

So what practical steps should you take to help protect your business from cyber-crime?

  1. A poorly configured firewall or one that doesn’t have Advanced Threat Protection is a vulnerability for your business. Have an expert review your firewall and recommend any upgrades that might be needed.

2. Internet activity should be monitored at all times. An IT company can provide and              always on Internet Monitoring Service. With this system in place an infected device can      be identified and the risk mitigated before it accesses your network and spreads to              other users devices. Attempted attacks can also be identified and any vulnerabilities in        your network secured.

3. All devices should have up to date antivirus installed. Security updates should be                applied timely. Patch management systems can centrally control and implement                patching on devices across a network. Unpatched devices are a serious security risk.

4. An email protection system will block malicious emails before they reach employees and      minimize the risk of them causing a cyber attack.

5. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) when logging into corporate networks remotely will add      an extra layer of protection.


200,000 new pieces of malware are identified every day. Cyber security is a very real threat to every business. It is vital that employees are educated into what to watch out for as social engineering becomes more prevalent. Social engineering is tricking staff into clicking on a link or divulging a piece of vital information through receipt of an email that appears to be coming from a trustworthy source.

Don’t underestimate the threat of cyber attack. Take steps to mitigate risk. Engage a Cyber Security expert business like Novi to conduct a  review of your current IT Security and implement measures to protect your data and your business systems.

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