Being a pet parent your pet may be the most precious asset for you. For this reason, you might want to give it a healthy and happy life.

But do you know the way to do this? In the context of taking care of pets, we talked with our expert Veterinarian in El Paso TX.


In discussion with him, we got to know some of the highly effective pet care tips. Here in this blog, we’ll be discussing all those tips that are suggested by our Veterinarian in El Paso, TX.

  • Veterinarian Visits

It is the foremost step that should be taken for the wellbeing of pets. Make sure you take your pet regularly to the expert doctor of a reliable Animal Hospital.

  • Vaccinations

To keep your pet away from various perilous diseases, you should get it vaccinated. Apart from this, make sure you are taking it for vaccinations at appropriate times.

  • Go For Frequent Walks

Most of the dogs have the dangers of arthritis, weight gain, and insomnia. Our Veterinarian in El Paso TX suggests taking the dog to frequent walks.  If your pets get tired quickly then you can spread the walk into numerous short walks.

  • Observe Oral Hygiene

To keep your dog’s teeth in fit and fine condition, you should consider buying an especially designed toothbrush for dogs. Moreover, our expert vet from the animal hospital in El Paso suggests taking the dog for the dental check-up.

  • Keep Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Far

Since dogs are a bit lazy, therefore they’re prone to parasites, fleas, heartworms, and ticks. To protect them from parasitic attacks our El Paso vet suggests taking it to Vet’s Clinic for vaccination.

  • Plan Regular Grooming

It’s not just you, but your dog too that deserves to look flawless. Sleeping for longer hours makes their hair tangled and nails elongated. Our vet in El Paso suggests taking dogs to professional dog grooming services.

  • Prepare a Balanced Diet

Unquestionably, dogs of every age-group require a healthy diet.  To increase the immunity of your dog while keeping it healthy, feed it with a well-balanced diet.

Apart from this, to give extra nutrition to your furry friend you should incorporate fatty acids, omega 3 and other supplements in its diet.


These were some of the tips that must necessarily be ensured to give your furry friend a healthy and happy life.

Come to Eastwood Animal Clinic a prominent Animal Hospital in El Paso for proficient dog grooming services. Whether your pet is staying in our dog boarding, or you are here for a checkup, you’ll be getting services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

For more information, please call Eastwood Animal Clinic at 915. 593.0713 to get answers to all your queries.

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