Sustainable Waste Management: Being Familiar With The Basics Of This Futuristic


Waste generation is nothing but normal; what has caused the real trouble is the disposal of this generated waste. The country USA particularly, is facing a huge waste generation and management crisis and no wonder, it is up, to devise methods that could conflict the crisis.

Due to this, local organizations pertaining to waste management in Atlanta are not hesitant to adopt a sustainable waste management approach. And similar to this, not only the US states, the entire world is set to inculcate a sustainable waste management approach.

But do you really know what sustainable waste management approach has to encompass? Well, let us start from the basics!

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What Is Sustainability?

In simplest of words, sustainability refers to working in our daily life in accordance to the availability of resources, and in consideration of the planetary aspects such as land, air, water, animals, plants and other elements of the nature.

Thus, sustainability refers to being harmonious with the present scenario, and even consider the future environmental needs, so that the resources continue to be in service.

Waste Management:

Just a brief revision: Waste management is a process to collect, transport, dispense, dispose, manage and monitor the waste products. It relates to all kinds of wastes generated and includes hazardous and extremely hazardous wastes as well.

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And Now, Sustainable Waste Management:

Similar to Atlanta’s waste management approach, sustainable waste management has emerged out to be a top mandatory requirement to reduce the menace of waste. Let us first see what this approach means:

Definition: Sustainable waste management refers to the efficient use of resources to snipe the quantity of waste produce. And on the site where it is produced, inculcating the steps to deal with it, so that it complies with the environmental, social and economic objectives of the sustainability.

Sustainable Waste Management Hierarchy:

As sustainability is the major goal for the future, researchers have come up with a plan to reduce the menace of waste. This is known as sustainable waste management hierarchy and it consists of a few steps that could support the sustainable waste management plan.

Starting for the top is the most favored process in terms of waste, to the least favored process at the bottom:

  1. Prevention
  2. Reduction
  3. Reuse
  4. Recycle
  5. Recovering energy
  6. Disposal

And though the hierarchy of waste management took birth in early 1970s, it is still a scarce concept to be followed.

However, with proper technological enhancement, the day is not far when the world would truly inculcate the sustainable waste management, so as to offer a better health to the Earth and better life to the people.

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