When You Are A Diabetic That Uses ‘Sharps’ At Home

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Talking specifically of USA, the country encounters approx. 1.4 million diabetes-diagnosed citizens in a year alone. Well, the number is not such an immense one to raise your eyebrows, until you talk of the after-effects.

Each and every diabetic citizen of USA makes use of thousands of needles (sharps) which are a dangerous form of medical waste, needing appropriate considerations for disposal.

And since waste management in Atlanta, GA or any other American state is a growing concern, the use of these needles by the diabetics too adds to the concern a great deal.

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Why Diabetic Sharps Are A ‘Big Deal’?

Whether you consider this or not, sharps waste disposal needs appropriate caution. And sharps generated from the house of ‘diabetics’ are a matter of alarm since:

  • More than 30 million people of USA are diabetic
  • More than 7.8 billion needles are used every year by these people, who inject the medications themselves (away from healthcare facilities)

What Do Diabetics Use?

Diabetic people use various element including test strips, lancets, glucose meters and syringes etc. Almost every day, they draw blood from their body and test the same using the needles.

When the task is accomplished, they are required to keep the sharps in a specific container which is appropriately labeled.


Disposal Of Sharps Waste:  

Sharps wastes require proper consideration such as:

  • Sharps waste is always kept in specific ‘sharps containers’
  • Needles are never re-capped after usage
  • Sharps container should follow proper specifications and it should be puncture-proof too
  • Sharps are never disposed with the regular trash

While You Discard Sharps:

When you or any of your family members uses sharps during diabetes, you need to follow the above considerations well. And for expert assistance, you could always consult the sharps waste disposal agencies of your local vicinity.

These medical waste management organizations know exactly how to assist you with your generated sharps. They are well acquainted with the bylaws and regulations of your region that relate to the sharps wastes and with this, they could assist you in the following ways:

  • They provide various kinds of sharps containers as per your needs
  • They assist in pickup of your sharps containers
  • They transport the containers to the treatment and disposal sites
  • They also provide efficient consultation on the best practices of sharps waste discard and safekeeping

Thus, while you use needles (sharps) at home, do not forget to consult a proficient and experienced medical waste management organization in Atlanta, VA or any other region for the best assistance.

Click on the link To know hazardous waste regulations in your area.


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