10 Tips For Optimizing Your Website’s Speed

Website’s Speed

These days, users lack patience and they want everything fast. Hence, if your website loads slowly then the users will look for another alternative. Not only users, Search engines like Google also check the Website’s load Speed and they prefer ranking websites with higher speed.

For this reason, optimizing a website for speed can determine its success or failure. Web Development Auckland is one such company that can help you optimize your website properly and make it load faster. As a result, users will love to use your website more, and Search engines like Google will also rank it higher in their index.

Website’s Speed
  • How to enhance the loading speed of your website
  1. Incorporate Ajax

Old web pages made in HTML format used to load all contents at once. This format is not suitable for high-resolution image-based web pages. For faster asynchronous loading include Ajax. Web Design Company in Auckland can help you in this process.

2. JS and CSS Files

If you include JavaScript and CSS files in the webpage, then it will take a lot of time to load and run. The better strategy for optimizing the webpage is to run these files externally. It will increase the speed of your website significantly. Affordable website design Auckland can do this for you.

3. Include Caching System

If you are running a WordPress site, then install WP Super Cache. Caching system helps the webpage load repeated data from the template of the website. Hence, you will see a faster loading time. Digital Marketing Agency Auckland can install it on your website and make it run more efficiently.

4. Don’t Resize Images in HTML

Many people load high-resolution images to the webpage and use HTML scripts to resize them. Digital marketing Auckland suggests no to do it unless it is essential. Instead, you can use Photoshop or other image editing tools to resize it.

5. Never use Images to Display Text

Many people use images to display designer text which reduces the loading time of the website. Instead of using an image, use CSS font-face for making designer text. Digital Marketing Agency Auckland can make any text of your website designer.

6. Use JPG not PNG

Any image in PNG format contains alpha channels. As a result, the file size of this image gets large. On the other hand, the JPG format gives the crisp image in a small size. So the website will load faster with JPG format images. Web Design Company in Auckland can give you more ideas to run the website faster.

7. Load JavaScript at last

Many people write the code in such a way that JavaScript loads at the beginning. It interrupts other processes of the website. Instead of loading JavaScript at the beginning, try to load it at the last. Affordable website design Auckland can do this task for you at a low price.

8. Use CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network sends data to the user’s computer fast. Hence, using CDN can make your website fast. Web development Auckland helps you utilize Amazon Simple Storage Service or MaxCDN for faster service.

9. SSL certificate

SSL certificate makes your website secure with encryption. If you want to run an e-commerce site then it is very essential to build trust among users. Digital marketing Auckland installs SSL certificates and optimizes the website to increase trust.

10. Right web developer

Competition in the cyber world is very high. For this reason, you have to keep your website updated all the time. For this reason, optimizing the performance of the website is very necessary. Otherwise, your website will fall back behind the competition and users will look at other websites for alternatives. Hence, always choose an experienced web developer for your website.

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