Construction accident

Just like El Paso Immigration Attorney is really vital in letting you aware of your visa and immigration rights, similarly, Jaime Alvarado & Associates team of personal injury attorneys are the ultimate guide for your accident compensation recoveries.

Medical Reimbursement:-To receive full compensation, you are required to keep all the medical bills and proofs of medical treatments you are undergoing to ensure that due to the negligence of the other person, you have suffered injuries and for the treatments you are bearing medical equipment charges, physical therapy expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and other forms of treatment expenditures.

Emotional Sufferings:-Emotional distress can include anxiety, grief, and other forms of serious mental concerns. You need professional help which can clearly state that these mental issues are due to the injuries resulted from the negligence of another person. The El Paso personal injury attorney will assist you in receiving compensation for your emotional distress.

Permanent disability and Disfigurement: — If it’s been testified by professional medical practitioners that you have permanent disability due to the accidents, you can claim for the damages. If your loved ones have been permanently disfigured due to a severe accident, you and your family can claim for compensation for mental pain and suffering, loss of limbs, scarring, and other kinds of disfigurement.

Pain and Suffering:-Past and future physical pain are taken into account to claim damages for pain and suffering.In order to calculate future pain which you might be facing due to a severe accident, factors like type and severity of your injuries, estimated time duration you may suffer pain, and how likely you will experience pain in the future will be considered.

Loss of wages:-You can recover damages for current and future loss of earning abilities. Factors like your life expectancy, age, health, skills, and experience will be taken into account by El Paso personal injury attorney to determine your eligibility.

Loss of Enjoyment and Companionship:-Loss of Enjoyments may fall under the category of Pain and Suffering or in other forms of damages (depends on your case situation and court) but you can recover general damages for loss of those enjoyable things which you used to pursue prior your accident. Your loved ones can claim for loss of companionship damages which include loss of comfort, love, and companionship. Factors like living arrangements, types of common interests, and relationships quality are taken into account for analyzing such damages.

Loss of care and support:-In case you are married and due to an accident you are incapable of offering affections, support, sexual relations, companionship etc. your spouse can receive damages and factors like your life expectancies, stability of your married life prior accident, and the level of companionship you provided before are considered to determine the eligibility criteria of your spouse by El Paso personal injury attorney.

Jaime Alvarado & Associates, PLLC can take care of complicated legal procedures surrounding personal injury or auto accidents, criminal law, construction accident, wrongful death, divorce, and for complex visa matters, the assistance of El Paso Immigration Attorney in Texas and Horizon City are always available.

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