Escape You ‘Iron Hopper’, Before The Big Ball-Of-Fire Crushes You Underneath It

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It’s rolling, rolling, rolling behind you, till it gets a chance to crush you in speed on your single mistake.

Not getting the head or tail of what it refers to? Haven’t you played the biggest entertainer ‘Iron Hopper’ game till now?

If you haven’t, get it from the ‘app store’ or ‘play store’ and set yourself rolling with an adventure game that demands a whole lot of your attention.

What Is It All About?

Imagine yourself out from a big stony gateway with a giant, fiery ball rolling at high speed behind you. You have pillars to stop you, purple patches to mighty-slow your speed and a slight mistake of yours could let you fall off the platform you are running on.

Relax! This is just a game. And with all the hurdles to stop your way, you could tap to jump, double tap to double jump and swipe to turn your way.

Yet another good thing is that you get coins in your run, which you could collect to unlock as many as 30 characters in the game.

Dissatisfied with the number of coins you have?

Purchase as many as you want from the in-app coin-purchase point and you could easily get your favorite characters unlocked with the bundles of coins you have in your bag.

This game is thrilling as hell, and you never get just enough of it in a specific period, whether you play it for hours in a day, or spend an entire night to collect coins and turn your high score higher and higher.

You take all the while to escape all the hurdles, but a single, overlooked purple patch blocks your way and there it is- the massive ball-of-fire turning you flat enough. Beware, the game could turn an addiction.

Other Features To Admire ‘Iron Hopper’:

Not only the adventure you face, the game has other hoards of elements to lure your interests. Some of these are as follows:

  • Now you could GIF your performance with the inbuilt feature, so that you could improve it for future
  • Engage and compete with your friends too, when you share your GIF on SnapChat and Twitter
  • Get daily coins and rewards on mere opening the game once
  • Jump, double jump and collect coins to unlock all the 30 characters. It’s a competition! Let’s see who succeeds!
  • Whether Android or iOS- ‘Iron Hopper’ is a perfect partner for all your devices

So if you see late-night GIFs of some mysterious but attractive hopping game, do not turn bewildered. It’s ‘Iron Hopper’ that your friends have downloaded and it has kept them engaged for hours and hours.

Whatever your age is, this adventurous thriller is meant for one and all. You would take no account of when the clock-hands take a giant leap, while you are up, hopping, double hoping and defeating the fireball behind you.

It’s time to test your gaming skills. If you think that you have achieved all the pinnacles of high scores in various games, come defeat the highest of ‘99’ till date in ‘Iron Hopper.

Download Iron Hopper Game From

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