IT Consulting Denver Specialists

As one of the stronger IT consulting Denver companies, we are often called upon by our clients to introduce efficiencies and effectiveness in their cumbersome operations.

It is surprising for many to notice how an outside professional viewpoint can see things that should be obvious to an organization but are overlooked and neglected.

Well, this is OK and that is why they hire us because an IT consulting Denver company such as ours, gives our clients insights into things that they might never consider.

IT Consulting Denver Specialists

We pride ourselves on being specialists in this area. Our goal is to eliminate redundancies, paperwork, and introduce more efficient operations that make things run more smoothly than before. We do this by conducting an IT audit and a comprehensive process review.

IT Audit

This is the foundation of where we start. The most important thing is to learn what the existing systems are that support the IT functions and then we can see where there is a possibility of improvement.

The IT audit process includes making a documented report of the equipment, software, personnel, and business processes that together make up the IT system of any organization. One thing our clients learn from this effort is that the professional review of the IT system shows many discrepancies that are not necessarily the best practices currently employed by other organizations.

We have a unique advantage in this effort because we help so many organizations in their efforts to solve similar problems. We cannot reveal confidential or proprietary information; however, we can show the basic practices of others that would help any organization.

IT Upgrades

Many of our clients are surprised that we do not recommend changing anything that is working. Even with very old legacy systems, if they serve a positive function for an organization, and do not have severe maintenance costs, maybe it is better to leave them in place. Upgrading for the simple reason of upgrades is not always the best solutions.

On the other hand, there are many cases that we see where upgrading would benefit the organization tremendously.

One of the first things we look at is the cost of maintaining a legacy system. In some cases, these costs can be enormous. It is not uncommon that the maintenance cost for legacy systems absorbs more than 60% of the IT annual budget. It is very difficult to make any progress or improvement if most of the money for the IT budget is spent on maintaining old, inefficient, IT systems.

Outsourcing IT Support

This is why many Denver companies choose to outsource the IT support services they need to keep their operations running smoothly. The issues surrounding IT support are complex and most companies feel that they are better served by letting the experts deal with these issues.

The cost of maintaining an internal IT support group is very prohibitive for most companies. It can easily amount to over $200,000 per year. Most IT support services contracts are a fraction of this price. We have qualified staff and yet we manage the networks and the IT needs of more than one company so that the cost per company is much lower than having the same internal staff focused on a single company.


Use a very reputable firm for the IT consulting Denver companies need. Do not rely on your own ability to keep up with all the constant changes that occur. The outsourcing of IT consulting Denver companies use is the most effective way to keep your organization working well, stay up-to-date, and employ the best practices to ensure your IT solutions are at the expert level and the best available.


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