IT Services Are Not Just for Repairs Alone


IT services are frequently thought of in terms of repairs or troubleshooting singular problems, such as a major network failure or a server malfunction. They are also regularly brought in for disaster recovery and accessing data from damaged hardware that might otherwise be assumed lost. However, there are a number of other services outsourced IT support can provide that many companies don’t take advantage of due to a lack of awareness or experience with the potential benefits.

Help Desk Support

Rather than having to pay full time for an employee resource that is only used on a part-time basis, companies can easily obtain expert help desk support for IT needs with an IT service Raleigh provider. The same support is given over the phone and by email or text, resolving most problems with expert instruction for most major software tools and even hardware configuration work. Rather than trying to find extra work for an employee called once in a while out of the blue, companies can redirect at a lower cost to an outsourced resource that can be available 24/7, including mobile equipment and software support for remote users. It’s a far more efficient use of administrative support dollars.

Intrusion Prevention Maintenance

A key benefit of a qualified IT services Raleigh provider is that they can bring in expertise to regularly check and monitor for network and system intrusions into a company’s computers. While off-the-shelf antivirus and firewall software prevent an assortment of digital problems, they don’t necessarily stop more advanced intrusions by serious hackers. These activities do leave footsteps, however, and qualified personnel can find them very quickly. They can also test a network’s current defense and point out specifically where existing loopholes are present and where backdoor intrusions can occur without being seen or noticed by employees. An out-of-the-box firewall or antivirus software tool is not going to come close to providing this kind of benefit on a singular or regular basis.

Network Installation IT Services Raleigh Support

Outsourced providers can easily come in and provide key installation of networks or provide expert modifications, removing a lot of the guesswork in how to install new equipment. While on-board staff can be quite adept at maintaining a network, their familiarity with the latest network tools can also become obsolete over time. By using an outsourced IT service installer instead, internal staff can focus on their regular work and familiarity with new equipment installation can be handled at an expert level. This removes guessing which can be the root of a number of problems down the road when things are not configured properly from the start.

So while many Raleigh companies will continue to expect internal staff to work wonders with IT services on the fly, smart businesses are taking advantage of external expertise, allowing their internal folks to focus on what makes their company work best. And that creates synergy as well as market performance advantages.

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