What is Microsoft Dynamics Nav, And What Can It Do For Your Business?


One of the problems many midsized businesses face in getting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool is that too many of them are cookie cutter. Hence they take a long time and cost a lot to customize for your specific business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav is an ERP that was developed by Navision A/S in Demark. The company was acquired by Microsoft in 2002, and its package was enhanced and refined so that it is now one of the primary ERP packages available for business.

What can Microsoft Dynamics NAV do? The real question you need to ask is, what can’t it do? It provides a full-service tool for doing business functions such as financial management, supply chain tracking, conducting sales and service, project management, and business intelligence, among other functions. It can operate in a number of international currencies. Microsoft Dynamics Navcan be deployed on your onsite service or can be accessed in the cloud.

The neat thing about Microsoft Dynamics Nav is that it is easily customizable for your business, no matter what it happens to be. It is used in manufacturing, retail, government agencies, and a whole host of other types of organizations. Microsoft’s partners are continually developing apps and software enhancements that can suit your business needs.

The package interfaces neatly with all of the usual Microsoft products, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. It will run on a number of platforms, from your desktops at your office to tablets and smartphone devices in the field. It conducts a lot of functions automatically and is capable of providing real-time reporting anytime and anywhere you want. The system links all of your locations securely and seamlessly.

How Intelice will help you get your Microsoft Dynamics Nav system up and running.

Intelice is a Microsoft service Gold Partner. That means that you will have the benefit of cutting-edge technology and top-ranked expertise should you choose us to install and support your Microsoft Dynamics Nav package.

We will start by consulting with you to gain an understanding of your business needs so that we might provide a customized version of the ERP system. We will provide training in its use, but since the system has the look and feel of Microsoft Office which you and your people are already familiar with, getting up to speed will not be too much of a problem. We will provide support and enhancements as needed.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav can be purchased as a package or leased as a service as your preference and budget dictate.

If you have any questions concerning Microsoft Dynamics Nav or anything at all about IT services that Intelice can provide, feel free to contact us.


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