Noticed a hole in your vinyl siding? Find out how to fix it.

vinyl siding

For big problems with sidings, it is always a good idea to consult siding contractors. But it is also true that not all problems demand for siding replacement. For example, if you encountered a hole in your vinyl siding, you can choose to carry out the repair easily and cheaply. Let’s find out how.

Why it should be taken seriously?

Siding works as an initial layer of defense against external elements, so keeping any hole or crack open exposes your home’s cover to water, wind and pests. Water seeped beneath the siding panels can also cause mold or rotting over time.

Also, a crack or hole in the siding could turn big if left un-rectified, turning what begun out as a minor fault into a huge problem down the line.

Instead of calling siding contractors, get a “Type B” vinyl repair patch kit.

This super-adhesive clear tape, made specifically for vinyl siding, is found to bind quickly to the siding, developing a strong weatherproof seal and providing you time to fix a perpetual siding replacement in Atlanta with a pro.

Make sure to wipe the surface with a damp cloth and dry it completely before putting the tape. Follow the instructions on the given package and be mindful when applying, as the adhesive could be very effective.

You can also use Other strong-adhesive tapes to do the repair, but you need to make sure that the tape is made to stick to vinyl before taking it.

Vinyl siding is highly prone to holes and cracks because there’s a small but muffled space between the siding and the home’s wall casing.

vinyl siding

The solution: Next time you come across the need a siding installation or repair, ask your siding contractor in Atalanta about foam insulation, which follows the pattern of the panels and provides support to your vinyl siding.

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