Why Your Company Should Strongly Consider DAAS

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Desktop as a service may sound like a new system technology, but DAAS is really just an outgrowth of finding ways to shift cost and investment to just what is needed in IT and the rest can be outsourced. This is the same driver that created the popularity of the cloud for software, and DAAS picks up the other half when it comes to desktop hardware, the very processor packages, keyboards and peripherals we use every day to get things done.


Financial Advantage

Working with desktop as a service providers gives a company a big financial benefit alternative. Rather than having to get caught up in a life-cycle path of regularly buying and replacing hardware that employees use every day, a company can rent equipment that is matched to the latest software requirements versus growing obsolete as it sits on desks used or unused. Because many companies are already shifting their networks to on-demand services or cloud software, the actual software on desktop machines is not a problem. It simply gets loaded as the hardware becomes a node on the network and picks up the data by Ethernet cable. Obviously, this concept has huge ramifications offloading hardware costs from a company’s sunk expenses.

Advantages for Non-Cloud Clients

Not everyone wants to be connected to the cloud however, and they want the latest software but can’t or won’t invest on a network level. Again, DAAS can be a big advantage in these situations. Desktop as a service providers can package and delivery stand-alone units already pre-loaded with the latest office productivity software and capabilities, Internet-ready and easy to connect and start up. There is no down time waiting for these units to become “synced” with what a company is currently operating, and they are can be packaged with the latest antivirus and firewall tools for protection as well. That means access to the latest software tools in finance, accounting, legal assistance, and health as well. And at a minimum units are rented with the latest office productivity packages like Office 365.

Virtual Server Ready

More importantly, many desktop as a service providers are keen on making sure their desktop units are virtualization ready as well. That means compatibility with either Microsoft or Citrix virtual server requirements, and options for usage on a session-base or dedicated approach platform. All units can be obtained pre-installed, so there is little worry in terms of secondary configuration. Again, the focus of DAAS in this approach is to hit the ground running immediately, not to provide a half-loaf solution.

Strong Consideration of Desktop as a Service Providers

Given all the above, any company caught up in an equipment life cycle game should give consideration to a DAAS alternative. It doesn’t work for every situation, particularly those that need high sensitivity and control over units that have access to confidential databases, like banks or law enforcement. However, for a wide variety of industries DAAS can continue the path for greater efficiency of IT resources, focusing a company’s energy on what it does best versus sunk cost administration.

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