When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Sidings?

Vinyl Siding over Stucco

You Cannot Replace Your Siding:

Relax! Of course, you can replace your home sidings but not every time of a particular year. In fact, if you try to get this done in the wrong period of the year, you may end up doing more damage than the good.

So when should you replace the sidings? Here is a season-wise description of what you need to know about siding repairs or replacements:

  • Hot Season:

Hot summers could pose numerous difficulties in installing or replacing sidings.

For instance, if you get vinyl siding installation, it may experience expansion or melt due to high heat.

Besides, if you wish to get your fiber cement siding nailed to your house, even the nails expand in the heat and could go on to hit a greater distance. So normally, people avoid hot seasons for siding installation or replacement.

  • Cold Season:

Cold seasons have exactly the opposite trouble as compared to the summers. When the temperature falls below a certain limit, the sidings contract and may even turn brittle.

If you try too hard to nail them down, cracks and ruptures are obvious and you cannot even blame your siding replacement servicemen for this.

  • Spring Season:

Spring season is also not too good a period to replace your sidings. Especially, if you experience spring showers during the siding replacement job, you could experience the worst.

The moisture could penetrate inside your house and invite molds etc. which may further cause lots of troubles.

  • Fall:

Most of the people do not know this but siding replacement jobs in fall could actually save lots of bucks for you.

For instance, siding materials are often on sale during the fall since the new inventory comes in winters. Thus, you can get the materials at a great, discounted price.

Besides, the labor costs too tend to go down during the fall since siding companies remain quieter during the period.

Did You Understand?

From the text above, you would have understood well enough that fall or autumn is probably the best season of the year to get your siding repaired or replaced by the expert siding replacement servicemen.

You, your products and the servicemen are safe from any harsh weather conditions and you would not even face any dreadful burden on your pockets.


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